HK MR223 vs Haenel CR223

If you’re a regular reader of this wonderful blog you’re surely aware that the C.G. Haenel MK556 won the German Army tender to replace G36. Then there were “some issues” and it didn’t, the Bundeswehr withdrew their order. After this Haenel had an investigation due to patent infringement allegations.

You just took a speed course in the development in this story, and I think it’s far from being ended. As you can imagine, it will probably take a while before the German soldiers get their G36s replaced.

As this is the Photo Of The Day, we will now focus on these pictures that we got from one of our readers – many thanks for helping us with these! The HK is his “dream rifle”, and it’s hard to argue. I understand very few were ever imported into the U.S.

Above you can see both rifles in pieces, which pours fuel on the patent infringement question. Just remember that the rifles shown here are not the ones submitted to the tender. I understand that the patent issue has more to do with a feature for the “over the beach” test, and not visible here (if it’s even on these rifles). Also, remember that H&K submitted the HK433 as well to the tender.

Both these rifles are in the USA. The HK MR223 is an SBR, and the CR223 is in progress. The HK is 11″ and the Haenel is 10.5″.

You’re also probably aware that the Haenel CR223 is coming to the US as the B&T-15? According to Haenel, the MK556 is 90% Made in Germany.

Liked the MR223 in tan? Here’s a chance: New Heckler & Koch MR556A1 in FDE.

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