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Making Your Own Gun is No Different Than Growing Your Own Food

Making Your Own Gun is No Different Than Growing Your Own Food – The Truth About Guns

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The right to craft and customize firearms is integral to the right to determine which arms one will “keep and bear.”

There is nothing strange or sinister about making and customizing one’s own means of personal defense. Assembling or crafting a gun is no more unusual than growing your own food in a garden or sewing an article of clothing. But accustomed to modern technology, some Americans have forgotten these basic realities — and yet, many of us still value self-sufficiency over a culture of centralization, dependency, and government control. …

If there is no right to make or customize our own guns, then there is ultimately no right to decide which arms we will keep and bear. Without that underlying right of choice, the right to keep and bear arms — a natural right, not granted by government — will be subject to the will of the government, not to the will of We the People.

— Cody J. Wisniewski in Gun Control Activists Are Targeting the Right to Self-Sufficiency

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