The Remington plant in Ilion, New York

Good news for Remington firearms. The company has made firearms for over two centuries and will resume production on March 1st. The Roundhill Group has secured a federal firearms license and has plans to re-start production next month at the Illion, New York facility.

The local CBS TV station WKTV has the news.

Roundhill group, who bought Remington in Ilion last year, confirmed with NEWSChannel 2 that they received the license last week.

The plan is to open the plant in Ilion on Feb. 16 for maintenance. They are targeting March 1 for production to begin.

Roundhill Group partner, Richmond Italia, said the company plans to bring back 200 employees by the first day of production.

Italia says the company is working with the state to increase jobs at the Ilion facility.

It would seem that the new owners believe they can make a go of manufacturing firearms in one of the most gun-hostile states in America.

From the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated . . .

Roundhill Group’s Federal Firearm License (FFL) has been approved, according to a report from Utica, NY, CBS TV affiliate WKTV. Approval clears the way for the company to resume manufacturing guns under its RemArms label from the famed Ilion, NY, factory it purchased during last fall’s Remington Outdoor bankruptcy proceedings. The firm now owns the rights to produce all Remington firearms and holds the patents, with the exception of Marlin’s assets, which went to high bidder Ruger.

Roundhill partner Richmond Italia told the TV station that production is scheduled to resume March 1, with 200 staff members reporting back to work. Prior to reopening, routine maintenance and preparation begins Feb. 16.

The schedule closely reflects Italia’s prediction late last year that some workers would begin by Feb. 15.

Despite ongoing discussion, Italia told the Times Telegram that people will be returning to work on March because, “I understand people need jobs to survive…I’ve been there, and I sympathize. We are willing to risk reopening the plant, even while in negotiations.”

A Remington spokesman says a model 870 shotgun will be the first firearms to roll off the line when the Ilion plant reopens.

Remington’s new owners couldn’t have picked a better time to jump back into producing firearms.  Dealer shelves remain severely depleted and the unprecedented buying frenzy under President BidenHarris doesn’t show any signs of cooling down.

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