When more or less every riflescope mount is black, it’s time to be different. Therefore I wanted to create something unusual for my next project, so I asked my Cerakoter (SCR.Nu) to replicate the colors of the Breitling Avenger 45 Night Mission on a Spuhr mount. I think it came out really well, but I understand this isn’t for everyone.

This tri-color mount is painted with Highland Green mixed with Magpul ODG. The yellow is Corvette Yellow and the top is coated with Tungsten Graphite Black. Then there is a Battleworn finish overall, which made the green perhaps a little too dark.

The photo above is Photoshopped, a photo of the inspirational Breitling watch has been placed beside the mount.

The mount is a Spuhr SP-3006 (0 MIL/0 MOA) and it’s for an upcoming review. The MSRP is €309 + VAT, but it is also available in the USA from Mile High Shooting.

POTD: Breitling Avenger 45 Night Mission Inspired Spuhr Mount

You can find the Breitling Avenger 45 Night Mission here.

Avenger Chronograph 45 Night Mission

Upcoming review: The Schmidt & Bender 1.5-8x42mm STRATOS, for hunting and thermal front-attachments.

For more details about the Breitling Avenger series of watches check out A Blog To Watch‘s take on it.

To my surprise, this isn’t the first time TFB writes about Breitling, we did it already in 2013: $16,000 Breitling Emergency II Watch Has Built-In Satellite Beacon

You can find SCR.nu’s Instagram here.

How would you paint your scope mount given the possibility?

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