Image via Miami Dade Police Twitter.
Image via Miami Dade Police Twitter.

Miami Dade Police just love their Twitter page. They use it to keep the public up to speed on their activities. However, a recent post congratulating some of their officers on a drug bust has earned them lots of ridicule. They included a snapshot of some confiscated cash, drugs and guns.

Look closer.

Image via Twitter / Miami-Dade Police.

That single-action revolver looks like it might be a toy.

And the rifle? A single-shot rifle from the 1800s. I’ve taken better, non-firing specimens than this to Chicago gun buybacks.  If it weren’t for the modern currency and the old flip phone, you might think this was evidence from a stage coach robbery.

What sort of self-respecting criminals rely on those antiquated clunkers to protect their stash of dope and cash? With all those stacks of Benjamins, surely they could have acquired something manufactured after the Garfield administration.

Plenty of people reading the Miami-Dade PD’s Twitter account thought the same.

Screencap Twitter

This user thinks he’s identified one of the perps.

One would think police agency social media gurus would be able to avoid stepping on rakes when it comes to promoting their departments.

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