Disclaimer, the image above isn’t real… yet. Today’s Ask Josh isn’t a gun or ammo question. In a long email, reader Bob lamented the fact that people were being gaslit and removed from mainstream social media sites. I have an answer for this and many of you aren’t going to like it.

Bob wrote a rather lengthy email detailing a story of an innocent discussion in a Curio & Relic group. A member of this private group asked where he could find ammo for an old rifle and Bob replied, but the link automatically was flagged and Bob found himself instantly banned. He was sent a copy of the community standards and it was case closed. Bob had been deplatformed.

“A lot of people just say ‘well just don’t use [insert social media company of your choice] anymore. But that isn’t right, should we just give up and let them win? Starting to get that socialist vibe where the opposition must be suppressed and silenced in order for the new party to move forward.” 

Like the movie War Games, answer here is that the only way to win is to not play.

The main problem with the idea of winning is that puts emphasis on the idea that there is the possibility of fair play and even terms. The terms here, though, are not fair. They never were. At this point it’s obvious that many platforms are carrying out a concerted effort to disenfranchise 75 million Americans who they believe voted or think the wrong way.

You’re kidding yourself if you think that you can coexist long term with people who actively want your kids brainwashed, want you fired from your job, and your name permanently ruined. Participating in online platforms just makes you easier to identify at this point. As they say in clownworld, “the game was honked from the start.” You can’t win if you play in their court.


There are people who are actively talking about and publishing articles encouraging the new regime to look at Grant’s ideas for putting down an insurrection. They believe you are an insurgent. You, reading this now. They want you dead or emasculated and humiliated so badly that you dare not speak for fear of being labeled a ‘white supremacist terrorist’ or ‘right-wing extremist’.

If you think that you’ll be alone if you get deplatformed you’re wrong. The internet existed before social media companies began to dominate it. Don’t give up on establishing communities, talking guns and culture, helping newbies, and generating outreach. You need to simply walk out of the big tech gulag and go back to independent forums, chatrooms, and sites that allow free speech.

Ask yourself if your life improved because of ZuckBook? When was the last time you saw your wife without her phone, fishing for comments and likes? When was the last time your daughter went outside? How many things have you found out about your friends and family through a post on a wall instead of over a nice lunch or on a phone call with your elderly dad?

first amendment censorship free speech

You can walk away. The dominant social media platforms are poison and they’re killing you. The second you open your phone you’re bombarded by ads and tracked like an animal. They want that way and you’re helping them. Like an old school vampire, it can’t come in unless you let it.

Make friends at your local range. Maybe start a range night or a beer and pool night once a week with guys from your church. If you don’t go to church, maybe start going to one even if you’re not the praying type. Getting involved in a strong community will fill those voids in your life that you’re seeking now through social media. Get your validation through real people, not the number of likes on a post.

If you are on social media, walk away. Uninstall the apps. Delete them. Don’t give them the tech oligarchs the satisfaction of removing you for wrongthink. While you’re at it, start shopping at local stores again. Help your community and make friendships.

The point is that you need not be afraid. If you rightfully think the news is lying to you, turn it off. Make your life simple again. Start raising chickens or plant a garden. Perhaps disconnect from your video streaming services and go take a look at what’s in your DVD library. I find myself watching Magnum, PI and Stargate SG1 all the time now just to escape the vomit of endless remakes.

You’ll be stunned — or maybe you won’t — by how degenerate modern media is and how good storytelling was without needing to force political messages into the content. If you think for a minute that it isn’t there to keep you complacent and worn down, again I remind you that this we’re living in clownworld and everything is calculated to shape your opinions, votes, and morals.

There is no honor in this battle. You are not fighting. You’re being walked into a trap. The gun community needs to voluntarily remove itself and come up with a plan to maintain a strong front and media presence. We need our own hosting, our own communities, and to be forthright in protecting our culture and heritage.

My challenge to you is to stop tilling poisonous soil and find new and fertile land. It may come to a point when the only America left is the America that lives in our hearts and minds and in spaces we share privately together. America only dies if we let it, and I will make the wild guess that it is still very much alive in many of your hearts even now. Do not be sad, you’re not alone.

And remember, if they were winning, all of their propaganda wouldn’t be necessary.

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