Tasmanian Tiger's TT Load Carrier and Packsack for Awkward Loads

Tasmanian Tiger's TT Load Carrier and Packsack for Awkward Loads

Today’s military operators and shooters aren’t always being deployed with the most consistent equipment. This rings even more true in the civilian world where our nonstandard equipment can sometimes feature anything from gun cases to coolers containing our favorite post-shooting beverages. The TT Load Carrier and Packsack from Tasmanian Tiger make these awkward loads much easier to carry and are made from high-quality materials.

Tasmanian Tiger’s TT Load Carrier and Packsack for Awkward Loads

Miramar, Fla. (February 2021) – Tasmanian Tiger®, a tactical nylon line of products distributed exclusively for the US market by Proforce Equipment, Inc., introduce a unique system for operators, professionals, and outdoorsmen and women to carry gear into the field that would not ordinarily fit into a traditional backpack. The TT Load Carrier and TT Load Carrier Packsack make easy work of awkward items and can make carrying loads up to 110 lbs. much less stressful.
The TT Load Carrier uses the V2-System, a size-adjustable carrying system for medium to heavy loads allowing for easy adjustment to maximize ergonomic benefits based on the load size (up to 110 lbs./50kg comfortably). The aluminum welded outer frame maintains sturdy and strong support with four diagonal crossbars. The integrated stand lets the wearer disengage the carrier and set it down, keeping the gear in place. The system is lightweight at 95 oz./2.7kg and features padded shoulder straps, an adjustable belt, and performance 420 HD nylon for years of exceptional wear.
The TT Load Carrier Packsack (sold separately), is designed to specifically fit the TT Load Carrier by attaching to the frame; it converts the system to a full-size external frame pack. It has an 80 liter/4,882 cubic inch capacity and weighs 30 ounces/850 grams with dimensions of 26”x13”x10”/66cmx34cmx25cm for carrying ample amounts of gear. Made from durable 420 HD nylon, the Packsack can be folded and tied to the TT Load Carrier for when its needed. With large pockets on each side and the front, the Packsack can be confidently stuffed to carry gear in any environmental condition and even features a snow guard with two drawstrings under the lid for severe weather.
The TT Load Carrier and TT Packsack are both available in Olive only and the MSRP of the Load Carrier is $239.00 while the Packsack is $89.95. Available at a dealer near you.

I think this new carrier might work really well for backpackers who often carry a lot of odd-shaped items and equipment along with them. I also think that the TT Load Carrier is priced pretty well for what it does and I could see myself adding this to my gear rotation sometime in the future.

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