Photo Of The Day – Most if not all pictures here have well-known backgrounds and sources but this is an exception. We look at Military Police, most likely from Sweden. Note the “MP” in white on their helmets. The uniforms are model 59. They all carry the 9 mm Carl Gustaf M/45 submachine gun. Perhaps the picture dates from the 1970s, or might it be even earlier? It looks like they took traffic control very seriously back then.

The picture isn’t very clear, but I think there’s a Ksp 58B in 7.62×51 mm (the Swedish light machine gun kulspruta 58) which derives from the FN MAG. There seems to be a Carl Gustaf 84 mm recoilless rifle (Model 48) there as well, perfect for “heavy-duty traffic”. I think that is a HEAT grenade in the open as well.

I wonder where all the Volkswagen buses went, they are probably worth quite a lot among collectors by now? I sure wouldn’t mind having a VW classic in NATO/Military green.

For more cool pictures check the “Carl Gustaf Kpist M/45 submachine gun – found 15 yards up in a tree” and “Carl Gustaf M/45 with Kurbits Decorations and a Peace Sign” articles.

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