We all know we have to be careful what we post online. Be have to be doubly careful if it involves our guns. But if it involves guns in New York City, it’s best to just not do it at all. On Friday, over a dozen people learned this the hard way.

In video of the incident’s end posted online, you can see a group of police and emergency vehicles surrounding a party bus. The people on the bus were pulled off, and 14 were arrested. A total of eight guns were taken from the bus’s passengers.

According to several media outlets, some gang members were celebrating their friend’s 18th birthday, and things got a little rowdy. The group started posing with guns in the party bus and posting photos online. Nobody knows who tipped police off, but someone sent them links to the photos. Based on this, and possibly with help from the tipsters, police were able to figure out what party bus company they were riding with.

When the bus got back to its home base, the police were waiting. They didn’t know if the gang members would go willingly, so they brought a lot of force and it appears even had an ambulance on standby.

Things We Can Learn From This

First off, whether you’re a law abider or a gang member, be careful what you post on the internet. Police might take things out of context, and in some states Red Flag laws could be used against you if you’re not posting anonymously. Even if you’re not using your real name, if you post something controversial enough, it’s possible to identify you by your IP address, so be sure to either not talk too much junk online or take measures to protect your privacy.


Even if you aren’t posting anything that would attract police attention (like being a gang banger drinking with guns in New York), posting up images of guns can attract thieves. You wouldn’t post images of large sums of cash online, so think twice about showing off pictures of other valuables.

Second, we can learn that New York Police and many other agencies are paying a lot more attention to social media than they used to. 30 years ago, we didn’t even have social media, but today it’s a common place for police to gather intelligence and tips from the public. For better or worse, the surveillance state is here with us.

It’s also likely that police in free states are less likely to bother you about guns than in places like New York. In many states, it would probably be perfectly legal to carry a gun on the party bus, assuming you aren’t drinking heavily and aren’t a known gang member. It seems unlikely that people posting pictures of guns in party towns like Scottsdale, Arizona or South Padre, Texas would attract the attention of authorities all on its own unless you were someone they knew was a problem or they could tell you were drinking.

The things that are serious crimes that draw out a big police presence in some states are normal in others.

Either way, these people did everything possible wrong. They were into bad stuff, were carrying while drinking in a place with bad gun laws, and posted the incriminating evidence on the internet for all to see. Don’t be those people.

Featured Image by New York Police Department

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