Elon Musk: So I was like, asking the team in California, ‘Alright, where do you wanna, what’s your top choice for the next big US factory location? Like, where do you want to spend time?’ And the number one choice was Austin.

And I was like, ‘OK, what’s number two?’ Silence. Yeah, it’s a mini California here in Austin.

Joe Rogan: So…it is, a lot, right? I mean, I hesitate talking about it because I’ve talked about it too much, but it’s very utopian.

Musk: Yeah, um, I think Austin is going to be the biggest boom town that America has seen in half a century.

Rogan: I think it’s a great response to the fucked up government in some of the other cities.

Musk: Yeah, I think, you know, yeah. I think that we do need to make sure that Austin does not…that people moving here from California don’t inadvertently recreate the issues that caused them to move here in the first place.

Rogan: Yes. The balance of Austin is a blue city in a red state. And it’s almost like it kinda has to stay red. Not kinda has to…I think it does.

You need the certain amount of freedoms, but then you need the philosophical…like there’s a bend to Austin that’s very progressive and open-minded and artistic. The restaurants are amazing, the people are really cool.

But it needs to be sort of embraced by guns and God…and freedom. Like that’s part of the whole mixture that makes it work. There’s a metaphor for life in there somewhere. It’s protected by the rest of the philosophy of Texas which is a wild crazy place that has more tigers in private collections than all of the wild of the world.

— Joe Rogan podcast #1609 with Elon Musk

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