A clear standout at SHOT Show 2020’s Range Day, the Diamondback DBX57 has been at the top of my must-have list for a year now. This diminutive, featherweight of a scaled down AR-format pistol packs 30 rounds of 5.7x28mm punch and a gas piston operating system.

A full, written TTAG review will follow. For now, check out the Rumble-hosted video above to see the DBX57 in action on the range, both suppressed and au naturel.

Well, not quite au naturel, as I slapped on an SB Tactical FS1913 pistol brace. For the time being, Diamondback is shipping the DBX without a brace, in part because supply has been difficult to come by during the last year (FYI I have them in stock at Black Collar Arms for anyone who’s looking).

Two sentence review: the Diamondback DBX weighs a scant three pounds, is barely over an inch wide, runs like a champ, and shoots flat and fast. Fit and finish are great, and I really like the darn thing a lot.


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