The survival mindset involves a lot of things, not the least of which includes using improvised weapons when necessary to defend your life. An 82-year-old Marine Corps veteran did just that in recent days. After seeing an intruder slash his wife’s face with a large knife, Herbert Parrish grabbed an unloaded shotgun from a wall mount and beat the violent intruder to death with it.

No doubt getting pummeled to death ranks right up there with getting stoned to death among the most unpleasant ways to exit this mortal coil. However, for the intruder, 61-year-old Harold Runnels, Jr., it came about as a result of a series of epic poor choices Monday afternoon in Jackson, South Carolina.

After Runnels pushed his way inside the Parrish home, he slashing a Marine’s 79-year-old wife’s face. The intruder then continued to beat the woman. That’s when Mr. Parrish, hardly a spring chicken, reacted like a good Marine. He struck the intruder in the face multiple times with all his might.

From The UK Daily Mail:

An 82-year-old Vietnam War veteran from South Carolina has been hailed a hero for protecting his wife from a knife-wielding home intruder by bludgeoning him to death with the butt of his shotgun.  

Herbert Parrish and his wife, 79-year-old Lois Parrish, told the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office that a man from a neighboring mobile home park knocked on the back door of their home on Dicks Street in Jackson, South Carolina, on Monday afternoon under the pretense of looking for his lost chihuahua. 

Lois said she told the man, later identified as 61-year-old Harold Runnels Jr, that she did not see his pet and went to close the door, at which point the suspect forced his way inside. 

During an interview with a local TV station, WPDE, the couple had put down a tarp to cover their blood-stained carpet until it could be replaced.

What a badass!

While Mr. Parrish didn’t have time to load his shotgun to deal with the home invader, he still did just fine. Especially considering his age.

His shotgun no longer rested on the wall of his living room during the TV interview. No doubt the local constabulary has taken it for evidence. Wouldn’t it be nice if some nearby people of the gun could chip in and provide him with a replacement?

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