Aero Precision is jumping into the Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) market, with their take on a 9mm AR-based gun. Called the EPC (Enhanced Pistol Caliber), it features a tailored-for-9mm look, uses GLOCK magazines and is the first 9mm PCC with bolt hold open on an empty magazine.

There’s nothing really new about 9mm AR-platform variants that run on GLOCK magazines, but Aero didn’t just add some metal to block part of the .223/5.56mm magwell like most manufacturers did in the early days. They’ve actually tailored the front of the receiver to fit a GLOCK 17 or 19 magazine, complete with a flared magwell for easier loading under stress.

The most unique feature on the lower is its patented bolt hold open technology. As experienced shooters already know, this makes it a lot easier to put the next magazine in and helps prevent malfunctions caused by magazines that weren’t completely locked into place. A quick bump of the bolt catch release lever and you’re back in business.

As with most lowers, Aero’s lower is compatible with a broad variety of 9mm AR parts, allowing you to build your own, purchase a complete lower and build the upper yourself, or purchase a complete rifle built by Aero.

The first version of the EPC will be compatible with 9mm or .40 S&W builds, using Glock magazines for each caliber. Aero doesn’t currently offer 10mm or .45-caliber parts, but did say that they plan to offer something compatible with larger calibers in the future.

Details are pretty similar to other guns of this type. The complete gun, like most 9mm AR-based builds, uses direct blowback. You won’t need a gas system with these builds, but you’ll need hardened trigger pins to handle the loads involved. Aero complete lowers and kits come with these parts by default.

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but parts and complete guns will be available starting March 3rd. You can get more details at Aero’s website here.


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