EPC-9 Launch Announced by Aero Precision for March 3rd

EPC-9 Launch Announced by Aero Precision for March 3rd

Aero Precision has just announced the launch date of their newest pistol caliber carbine, the EPC-9. Standing for Enhanced Pistol Caliber, the EPC-9 should be made available beginning March 3rd, 2021. Below, Aero Precision posted a full FAQ about the upcoming EPC-9 which should address some of the most common questions people will have about the new PCC.

EPC-9 Launch Announced by Aero Precision for March 3rd

EPC-9 Launch Announced by Aero Precision for March 3rd

Do I need a gas block and gas tube for my EPC?
No, the Aero Precision EPC operates on a straight blowback system and does not require a gas block and gas tube as traditionally found in other AR15s.

Is my EPC-9 compatible with AR-9 parts from other manufacturers?
It depends, we recommend using all Aero Precision parts in your EPC to avoid potential compatibility issues, but the EPC is compatible with a variety of different parts.

What calibers can my EPC-9 receiver set accept?
The EPC-9 receivers are compatible with 9mm and 40S&W.

What magazines are compatible with the EPC-9 lower receivers?
The EPC-9 Lower Receiver is compatible with standard frame GLOCK G17/G19 pattern magazines.

What handguards are compatible with the EPC-9?
The EPC-9 accepts most AR15 barrel nut/handguard combos that are compatible with milspec upper receivers.

Will the EPC-9 accept 10mm/45 parts?
No, the EPC-9 is caliber specific and is only compatible with 9mm/40 parts and components. 10mm/45 parts and components will be launching in the future.

What does EPC stand for?
EPC stands for Enhanced Pistol Caliber.

Can I shoot my EPC suppressed?
Yes, you can, so long as your suppressor is rated for the caliber you intend to shoot, and you do not use a Nielsen Device/booster assembly as the EPC uses a fixed barrel.

What is the recommended buffer weight for the EPC?

How does the EPC function?
The EPC utilizes a direct blowback system, which directly uses the kinetic energy generated from the discharge of the cartridge, to push the bolt back and cycle the action.

What is a last round bolt hold open?
A last round bolt hold open, a feature built into the EPC upper receiver, allows the bolt to be locked open on an empty magazine.

What makes Aero Precision’s EPC lower parts kits special?
Aside from not including parts already installed on the lower receiver, each EPC lower parts kit that incudes a fire control group, utilizes hardened trigger pins to meet the high demands of blowback AR platforms.

What muzzle devices will work on my EPC 9mm barrel?
The larger bore diameter of the 9mm requires a 9mm specific muzzle device that allows proper clearance for the projectile. You will also need ensure the muzzle device is the appropriate thread pitch for your specific 9mm barrel (all Aero Precision 9mm barrels use 1/2×28 threads).

EPC-9 Launch Announced by Aero Precision for March 3rd

As a Steel Challenge competitor who is always looking for a better PCC rig, I think the EPC-9 has a lot of features that would make it good for my next competition PCC. Most notably, the last round bolt hold open that is built directly into the upper receiver as well as the Glock magazine compatibility. That combined with the standard manual of arms commonly found on AR-9 pattern guns should make this a fairly inexpensive yet customizable rig. I’ll be looking forward to the release of this PCC in March.

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