POTD: Sunrise and the Schmidt & Bender 3-21x50 Exos

POTD: Sunrise and the Schmidt & Bender 3-21x50 Exos

After what felt like months of fog, clouds, darkness and other sorts of misery the clouds scattered one morning and the sunrise put some backlight on some clouds. The new Schmidt & Bender 3-21×50 Exos which TFB has for review was pointing in the right direction, and a few pictures were taken to enhance this Photo Of The Day.

The distance is about 1235 meters and the reticle is the new LRH-MOA, in the second focal plane.

You can read more about the LRH-MOA (SFP) reticle in our previous article.

From the description of the 3-21×50 Exos:

The 3-21×50 Exos is the latest addition to the Exos line. The focus is on intuitive functionality, such as 11-step illumination technology including an automatic switch-off and the reliability of all components. The ‘S-Spring Technology’ developed by Schmidt & Bender stands for a precise and repeatable bullet drop compensation (BDC) with precise tactile clicks. Our integrated locking mechanism excludes unintentional adjustment. The 3-21×50 Exos is equipped with a second focal plane illuminated reticle suitable for daylight and convinces at short distances for the quick shot as well as for the precise long-range hunting shot. The patented ‘Minimum Deviation System’ ensures that any possible deviation from the point of impact is minimal. This makes the new Exos an ideal companion and a real all-rounder for all hunting situations.

In this picture, you can clearly see the illuminated center dot.

POTD: Sunrise and the Schmidt & Bender 3-21x50 Exos

Below: Cerakoted Spuhr Hunting Line mount with an optional Picatinny rail for a secondary sight. Microtech Combat Troodon below, with bronzed details and carbon fiber. You can find more info on the knife here.

Note the new ballistic tower.

Find a direct link to the scope here. You can also check excellent through-the-optic pictures of the D7 reticle here.

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