Boch Screencap via Facebook

A video is making the rounds on Facebook that has sparked an investigation within the US Army’s famed 10th Mountain Division. The video shows soldiers pointing their firearms, loaded with live ammunition at their fellow soldiers as part of a room-clearing exercise.

While sloppy muzzle control might not have raised eyebrows a generation or two ago, today it is considered a serious transgression.

The muzzle control — or lack thereof — shows a fundamental failure of trainers and soldiers alike to maintain a safe environment and instill good firearm handling skills. The goal of the military is to kill the enemy and break things, not shoot fellow Americans or other allies with negligent discharges.

Boch screencap via Facebook.


If Facebook kills the video, it can be also seen here.

The appalling gun handling skills shown have made a lot of folks angry. They’ve contacted leadership in the 10th Mountain Division and leadership has reacted.

The Command Sergeant Major of the 10th addressed the video in a minute-long video on Twitter.

It is good to see this being addressed. “It is 10th Mountain Division,” CSM Mario Terenas said. “It is our folks. And it really, really hurts to say that. It is not the standard. It is not how we do business.  It is not acceptable.”

He went on to thank people for bringing this to his attention and closed with assurances he considers this unacceptable.

Boch screencap via Facebook.

“Make no mistake. That is not the 10th Mountain Division standard. It will NEVER be the 10th Mountain Division standard.”

The sad part is that people who don’t know better may look at that video as a model of how to clear a room. In reality, it’s showing how to accidentally kill a fellow good guy.

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