POTD: The Kahles 1-8x24 Riflescope (3GR)

POTD: The Kahles 1-8x24 Riflescope (3GR)

Photo Of The Day and time for another picture taken through the reticle. We’re looking into the Kahles K18i, with the 3GR reticle. There is also an IPSC reticle, but I would prefer the 3GR. The K18i has a slim and streamlined design with all but the necessary features removed. It’s a great optic! You can spot the secondary sight red dot on the right side. The total length of the scope is 300 mm and the weight is 555 grams.


Off hand and barricade training at 100m shooting .22LR and 223 Hornady 52gr Match. (Super hard focusing and centering the phone camera while aiming… how do everyone do that sh*t? ?) Another great day in the snow.

Kahles’ own words about the K18i model and a direct link to their product page:

Optimized for 3-Gun and IPSC matches, the K18i with 8 x zoom features an ultra-wide field of view, specially designed, extra-bright illuminated reticles with unique MAX LIGHT function and an individually adjustable throw lever.

Picture courtesy of TOP GUN Rifle Team, used with permission.

You can check our review here: Kahles K18i Riflescope with IPSC Reticle (incl. Comparison). The review of the Kahles Helia RD Red Dot Sight might interest you as well.

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