Winchester Introduces Two New Loads for 6.5 PRC

Winchester has released two new loads in the 6.5 PRC cartridge that continues to gain popularity in both the hunting and precision shooting disciplines. The cartridge has become so popular that companies like Ruger, Springfield Armory, and Mossberg have created rifles specific to that caliber – mostly for hunters it seems. However, Winchester is offering their best to more than just hunters with these two new loads with the addition of a 142 grain AccuBond projectile for hunters as well as a 140 Match grade BTHP projectile for the budding competitor who shoots 6.5 PRC.

Winchester Introduces Two New Loads for 6.5 PRC

Winchester Introduces Two New Loads for 6.5 PRC

EAST ALTON, Ill. (February 11, 2021) — Winchester continues its legacy on the forefront of long-range hunting and shooting by adding the 6.5 PRC cartridge to its lineup of products for 2021. The 6.5 PRC cartridge continues to grow in popularity with its high-velocity cartridges that deliver relatively minimal recoil.

The first of two new 6.5 PRC offerings includes a 142-grain Nosler® AccuBond® polymer-tipped hunting bullet and is available in the Expedition Big Game Long Range™ lineup. This provides hunters with wind-drilling, ridge-to-ridge accuracy and bonded performance for maximum weight retention and energy transfer.

Winchester will also offer the 6.5 PRC in a 140-grain Match boattail hollow point that puts long-range precision at the shooter’s trigger finger. The high-ballistic coefficient results in low drag and maintains flatter trajectories at a long distance.

Winchester Introduces Two New Loads for 6.5 PRC

Look for new Winchester 6.5 PRC loads in 20-round boxes at a retailer or dealer near you.

The AccuBond LR projectiles make for a great long-range hunting round as the bullet was specifically designed to both maintain its flight during windy conditions and also aggressively expand when impacting a target while maintaining its mass. All of these characteristics would be great for hunting big game like Elk or Moose.

The slightly lighter 140-grain Match BTHP projectile on the other hand is Winchester’s new offering for the serious competitor. The match grade ammunition makes use of Matchking hollow point bullets that maintain a relatively flat trajectory out to nearly 200 yards.

Winchester Introduces Two New Loads for 6.5 PRC

All in all, it seems that despite the troubles surrounding the supply of ammunition in the United States, Winchester is continuing to come out with new products to satisfy the needs of various customers in both the hunting and precision shooting world. Keep an eye out for these two new loads at your local sporting goods store in either box of 20 or cases of 200.

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