A new, unconventional suppressor was introduced yesterday called “The Mute.” Any suppressor is interesting to those who can and will choose to shoot politely, not least because they’re good for public health. But this non-metallic silencer is somewhat more intriguing because of its design, materials and the way it’s manufactured.

The Mute is made with a proprietary polymer and is reportedly built using a process referred to as an “Advanced Form 3D Print.” The material used is called D28. It’s incorporated into a “unibody construction” style which they advise will “…reduce recoil and regulate the heat for less mirage, muzzle rise, and blowback.”

The Mute is a non-metallic silencer made with an aerospace polymer.
The Mute is a non-metallic silencer made with an aerospace polymer. That material reportedly mitigates the heat a silencer would normally generate while the design reduces sounds without the use of baffles.

Essentially the new can will reduce both sound and temperature. In fact, the manufacturer claims it will remain “mild to the touch” during use, and you can remove The Mute after firing.

It does so, they aver, using the silencer’s “Thermal Shroud” function, which utilizes something called the Venturi Effect to mitigate heat. The Thermal Shroud results in what they describe as self thermoregulation:

As the bullet travels through the mute, gases are focused out the front vent, bringing cool air in from the rear. The more rounds you fire the more air is cycled through allowing the Mute to cool faster.

The intended purpose is to not trap and cool, rather direct gas through the thermal shroud. The improved thermal shroud instead uses a venturi effect to mitigate the heat. The average temperature is 97f – 120f even with intense rapid-fire. The exterior wall is tame to the touch allowing you to remove the Mute even after intensive shooting compared to traditional suppressors.

It will be interesting to see if it works as they claim. If not, it’ll provide some good inspiration for someone’s sci-fi military fiction story.

No one who really knows much about cans (or firearms) would be likely to suggest a “best suppressor” without knowing some particulars of intended use…but it’s not too far of a stretch to wonder if The Mute might not be, at least for a time, the lightest QD suppressor available.

Initial calibers available will be .22LR, 5.56mm, and 9x19mm Parabellum. Alas, nothing for you Goat Gun collectors yet.


The Mute is currently priced at $599. Learn more at the-mute.com.

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