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During the visit, Holmes led the investigators to a safe that contained a semi-automatic handgun. Holmes told the agents that his other 20 guns had been stolen along with his mother’s sport-utility vehicle when he left the vehicle running with the guns in the back seat, according to the prosecutor. He and his mother had reported those thefts to East Hartford police three days earlier.

The agents told Holmes that his illegal use of marijuana made it illegal for him to possess guns, and they took possession of the semi-automatic handgun. Holmes filled out paperwork consenting to the “forfeiture” of the gun to the ATF.

He pleaded guilty in October 2019 to possession of a firearm by an illegal user of a controlled substance.

The two sides agreed at that time that federal sentencing guidelines called for Holmes to receive a sentence in the range of 10 to 16 months in prison, although a federal probation officer later computed a guideline range of 18 to 24 months’ imprisonment.

— Alex Wood in East Hartford man gets probation for owning gun while using pot

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