Aero Precision’s just-announced EPC-9 Enhanced Pistol Caliber carbine changes the game on what a PCC can be. This isn’t just another AR-15 that’s been jimmied to take 9mm magazines. The EPC-9 has designed from the ground up to be the best pistol caliber carbine foundation on the market.

The EPC platform is designed with a minimal amount of proprietary parts, giving complete power and control to the builder. Standard compatibility with AR-15 and many AR9 parts gives you the freedom to build exactly to your specific needs and run both 9mm and .40 S&W ammunition.

In addition to that compatibility, Aero Precision offers a huge range of EPC-designed parts, including stripped or complete lowers and uppers, BCG’s, barrels, lower parts kits…everything you need to build out the perfect EPC for the way you’ll be using it.

The Aero Precision EPC-9 features a straight blowback action, compatible with GLOCK G17 and G19 magazines and features a flared magwell, integrated trigger guard, threaded bolt catch, and Aero’s patented last round bolt hold open functionality.

Want to shoot your EPC-9 suppressed? No problem. The EPC’s fixed barrel is ready for the can of your choice (without a Nielsen device or booster, of course).

Aero Precision’s new complete EPC-9 all American-made product line is a game-changer, bringing the pistol caliber carbine into the 21st century. Check out the full EPC line of complete guns and components at Aero Precision today and see what’s a pistol caliber carbine is now capable of.


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