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In 2020, San Diego saw a 28 percent increase in gun violence and a 20 percent increase in reports of gunfire, the Times of San Diego reported. A large portion of the violence is attributed to gang members, who are also responsible for 20 percent of all murders over the last three years, according to city police.

Mayor Gloria, Council members Monica Montgomery Steppe and Sean Elo-Rivera, and Police Chief David Nislei said the increase in gun-related crime demanded action from the city.

“The recent increase of shootings in our city is cause for great concern, but it demands that we lean-in as a community rather than shy away,” Mayor Todd Gloria said, according to the Times. “The No Shots Fired program represents an important collaboration between the city, law enforcement and community that seeks to stop gun violence, promote peace and create safer neighborhoods for all of us.”

Over the proposed six-month period, organizations will provide outreach and resources to gang members, in addition to offering them an opportunity to get out of gang culture. The program could be extended after its completion.

— Liz George in San Diego asks gangs to stop shooting each other for 6 months

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