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This is the result of gun registration. (AP Photo/Agustin Marcarian)

Arizona Representative Paul Gosar and Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith have introduced the Gun-owner Registration Information Protection (GRIP) Act. The bill would prohibit federal funding of or support for databases that list firearms lawfully owned or possessed, or individuals who lawfully own or possess them.

GRIP act firearms registration
Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz. (Bill Clark/Pool via AP)

Current law prohibits the federal government from storing information obtained during the FBI’s NICS background check process. The GRIP Act would clarify that prohibition and promote consistency by extending the restriction to federal funding that may be used by the states to create their own registries.

As Rep. Gosar’s office told us . . .

All states benefit from federal grant programs, such as the National Criminal Histories Improvement Program (NCHIP), the NICS Amendment Records Improvement Program (NARIP), and the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) program (popular in AZ), to improve criminal recordkeeping and help fulfill reporting requirements. This bill would prevent the use of any of this funding to assist with the creation of a full or partial list or registry.

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, R-Miss. (Anna Moneymaker/New York Times, Pool via AP)

The bill currently has 24 cosponsors in the House and 10 in the Senate.

Gosar’s office said . . .

Rep. Gosar fully supports the Second Amendment and opposes any effort to create a full or partial list or registry of lawful gun owners. Such a list would inevitably be used by tyrants against American citizens lawfully exercising their Second Amendment. Sen. Kelly and Giffords’ gun control group have been pushing for the creation of lawful gun-owner lists.

As Rep. Gosar told TTAG . .

This week, Speaker Pelosi plans on ramming through Congress two overreaching gun control bills. Egregiously, these bills would create a firearm registry database that could be made available to the public creating the likelihood for discrimination against gun owners. In contrast, this week I introduced the Gun-owner Registration Information Protection (GRIP) Act. Endorsed by the National Rifle Association, the GRIP Act prohibits the use of federal funding of firearm registry databases that list gunowners who lawfully own or possess firearms.

A similar bill was introduces in 2018, but died in the House.



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