Earlier this week, we ran a post by Jennifer Sensiba regarding Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Jennifer has no quarrel at all with Rep. Greene’s support for Second Amendment rights. Why would she? Greene is clearly among the biggest gun rights supporters in Congress.

Instead, Jennifer took issue with Greene’s approach and tactics on other issues and opined that allowing herself to become a media punching bag has hurt her support for the right to keep and bear arms.

The article provoked a lot of response, as you might expect. Jennifer’s piece doesn’t necessarily reflect my opinion or that of TTAG, but that’s completely beside the point. We’ve always been open to a wide range of views regarding guns and gun rights here and always will be.

I fielded a few calls and emails from readers who were upset since the post was published. Then, this morning a number of regional email lists run by a group of affiliated pro-gun orgs sent out an email blast attacking Jennifer and TTAG for publishing the piece.

They wrote . . .

As gun owners, we live in a time of traitors, RINOS, and phony allies who pretend they are with us, only to stab us in the back, just like Pat Toomey, Mitt Romney, and Liz Cheney did when they sided with the liberal left and voted to impeach President Trump.

If we are going to be able to defend our gun rights, we MUST understand who our friends are, who our enemies are, and who is just standing on the sidelines trying to get rich off of the fight to defend freedom for the next generation.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is very clearly a ‘friend’ to gun owners.

And it’s now very clear that ‘The Truth About Guns’ is an enemy to gun owners, who are simply using the Second Amendment issue to put money in their pockets, while using their website to advance a leftist ideology any chance they get.

They then urged their readers to contact us and demand that we apologize for attacking Rep. Greene. That resulted in dozens of emails and phone calls. It may not surprise you that virtually no one whose email I’ve read or who I talked to seems to have actually read Jennifer’s article.

One emailer who subsequently did read the piece after I responded to him sent another email stating . . .

Lol….I read the article and she DOES bring up some good points….it wasn’t an attack, but more of a “what are you doing” type of saying….kind of like trying to tell someone to “get your head in the game and stop getting involved in stupid stuff” …I do like Greene, but I get where the author is coming from: if we want people to take us seriously, we better show them our side has credibility….

I appreciate your response…I’ve heard about the Dorr Brothers and I tend to be careful when they send an email. I’m glad I followed up. Your articles are pretty spot on.

Most of those we’ve heard from did as the email blast instructed and demanded that we apologize to Rep. Greene for daring to criticize her. Many also wanted us to fire Jennifer. Neither will happen.

Sorry not sorry
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First, the piece was an op-ed…an opinion piece. Jennifer expressed her view and did it rationally and clearly. You may not agree with it and I may not agree either. But that’s the nature of an op-ed. Rep. Greene is a big girl and from everything we’ve seen, she’s quite capable of handling some (mild) criticism.

Second, it’s interesting that so many of the people who fired off knee-jerk responses to the email blast demanded that we fire Jennifer. That’s exactly what those on the other side of the issue and the political spectrum have been doing to their ideological opponents for years now.

Cancelling those who have opinions with which you disagree is ignorant, intolerant and small-minded. We won’t be doing that. If you expect that we would, you’re in the wrong place.

Finally, we’ve always been open to publishing a wide spectrum of gun rights-related content here. Old timers might remember posts by a gun control supporter back in the early days of TTAG. We’re still open to publishing those kinds of posts. If Michael Bloomberg himself sends us an opinion piece laying out his justification for working to disarm America’s civilian gun owners, I’ll happily publish it.

No one benefits from TTAG being a strict party line echo chamber, preaching only to the nodding choir (to mix metaphors). That said, we are and always have been gun rights absolutists here. We take a back seat to no one in our support for Second Amendment rights. Anyone who reads our content and concludes otherwise isn’t paying attention or needs some remedial help.

The way to handle with opinions with which you disagree isn’t by silencing them or firing those who dare to express them. It’s by countering them with better, smarter ideas that are backed up with facts.

We’re going to continue to do what we’ve always done here. It won’t always make everyone happy. It never has. But it would be awfully boring if it did.

As always, thank you for reading.



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