US capitol fence razor wire
The Capitol is seen through razor wire at sunrise in Washington, Friday, March 5, 2021. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The Biden regime is not a sustainable political entity. It cannot continue to exist in its present state because it will collapse under the weight of its own spectacle. As a result, it needs a catalyst to move its increasingly unpopular agenda forward. The catalyst they are trying to create is a defined internal enemy. A bogeyman they can use to justify tyrannical “emergency” actions, which mask the truth of the regime’s activities and enable it to eliminate any credible political opposition.

Since the national security apparatus is the primary regime backer within the permanent bureaucracy, you can expect it to use the provocation-reaction-counteraction template that is the favorite of organizations like the FBI. They provoke and harass the target until it punches back—at which point the target is labeled a threat and a counteraction is justified.

Traditional Americans need to recognize this tactic because they are the antagonist in this regime’s Greek tragedy. If the regime’s enforcers can get traditional Americans to look like they are about to commit violence, then they can justify the passage of the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act and can implement draconian gun control policies. Once they’ve attained the legal authorities to neuter their political opposition, they can move to further isolate them under the guise of national security.

Keep in mind that agents provocateurs and government informants are now a part of the political landscape. The regime wants to restrict or eliminate constitutional rights it deems problematic, including the Second Amendment. Don’t make it easy for them by following their agents provocateurs. Those who continuously espouse violence are poseurs and provocateurs. Government informants are paid to lie for their handlers. Treat both of them like any other undesirable character and walk away.

— Max Morton, former CIA paramilitary operations officer, in Choose Your Ground

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