Nika Nicole Holbert
Courtesy Nashville Police Department

After a Nashville police officer stopped a car registered to a felon with multiple outstanding warrants, an exchange of gunfire took place between the cop and Nika Nicole Holbert who was driving the car.

The shooting and the events that led up to it were caught on the officer’s bodycam and dashcam. The NPD has release the video with a description of what’s known about the incident so far.

As The Tennessean reports . . .

Things escalated when [Officer Josh] Baker attempted to detain Holbert. She grabbed her bag and ran away from the officer, who told her she was about “to get tased.” He pulled out his stun gun, and the woman screamed and ran into the vehicle, at which point Baker deployed the weapon on her, video footage shows. 

Seconds later, Baker took a step back and screamed at the woman “to put the gun down.” 

The footage show the two exchanging gun fire. The shot that hit Baker’s torso knocked him backwards in the parking lot. He immediately called dispatch to inform them he had been struck. Aaron said Holbert threw the pistol into the parking lot, which was later discovered by investigators. 

Holbert then drove the car away from the scene, soon crashing it in the bushes and ditch at the intersection of Brick Church Pike and Moorewood Drive. Emergency crews on the scene rendered aid to Holbert and transported her to Skyline Medical Center where she died. 

Here’s the NPD’s presentation of the video from the shooting. The altercation begins at the 5:30 mark when the officer tried to put Holbert in handcuffs.

Officer Baker was shot underneath his body armor. He underwent surgery and is reported to be in stable condition.

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