Burglar With Crowbar And Flashlight Looking Into A House Windows

By Edgar Lee

A failed attempt to steal a vehicle wasn’t enough to keep a would-be thief from returning to a Green, Ohio residence and ignoring the armed homeowner’s warnings. That earned him a gunshot wound to the leg before police eventually arrived on the scene.

According to a Summit County Sheriff’s Office press release, a man who was attempting to steal an all-terrain vehicle was discovered and confronted by the homeowner. The would-be thief threatened the property owner before fleeing the scene.

A short time later, the suspect returned to the property and attempted to gain entry into the residence. The suspect was again confronted by the homeowner. The homeowner retrieved a firearm and gave several verbal warnings to the suspect. The homeowner advised the suspect that the Sheriff’s Office had been notified and was in route to the residence. The suspect approached the homeowner and the homeowner subsequently shot the suspect in the leg. The Green Fire Department responded and transported the suspect to Summa Akron City Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Maybe the thief didn’t think the homeowner — who was holding a gun on him — would defend himself. He chose…poorly.

The CDC estimates that guns are used in defensive situations between 500,000 and 3 million times a year. Those represent crimes prevented; robberies, burglaries, assaults rapes, murders. Remember that the next time an anti-gun politician spouts off about an alleged “gun violence epidemic” in America, and uses it to justify more limits on civilian gun ownership.


This article originally appeared at concealednation.com and is reprinted here with permission. 

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