Two really great 9mm handguns and a large out-the-front automatic knife – that’s the subject for our Photo Of The Day. It’s interesting to study these Czech handguns and the difference in design. About a month ago, I had the Laugo Arms Alien in my hands and we decided to disassemble it to learn more about the design. I’m so eager to take one to the shooting range, but this one was sold and I assume the owner would like to take the first few rounds with it.

Below: We have the Laugo Arms Alien and the CZ Shadow 2 

POTD: Laugo Arms, CZ and Microtech

The knife is Microtech’s latest automatic knife called the Scarab II. As you can see, it’s rather big. In a few days we’re going to release our review of this knife, so please stick around to read about our findings. To my knowledge, Microtech has only made just over a thousand of them so far, and they’re sold out everywhere.

You can find more information about the Laugo Arms Alien here:

The CZ Shadow 2 can be found here:

For competitors, check the New CZ TS 2 Sport Pistol.

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