Police officers red flag confiscation order
(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

So how will they plan to separate you from your now-illegal guns? You’ll be notified that next Thursday at 9AM is your designated time to appear at a certain address, perhaps your local police station, or perhaps a big-box store parking lot, with said newly-illegal firearms and ammo magazines. Current Covid vaccine distribution gives them a model for this new system. Instead of going to get a Covid shot, you’ll be going to turn in the newly banned guns on the list.

Many people will refuse to do so. A week later, they will be totally disappeared from social media. Digitally disappeared. This makes it hard to complain about your treatment.

If you send an email about your situation to your local news station, they will automatically get a warning email just ahead of yours, or your email will be contained inside of a red flashing “warning box.” This is how the CCP keeps the comrades in line in Communist China. ChiCom programmers are already working with silicon valley to get Team Tyranny, both government and private sector, up to speed on these protocols.

You’ll get more official warnings to turn in the newly illegal guns that they know you have. Serial numbers won’t matter much, they’ll have your own prior social media “confessions,” along with those proud pictures you posted at the range, along with your credit card history, etc. You bought ten P-Mags, a chest rig, a “drop-in” trigger and a new buffer spring? They know you have an AR. And you can assume that the sales records of FFL dealers will all be collected under the new “emergency” gun control law.

You still won’t comply? You’re doxed at work. Your company “can’t take the risk” of employing you after they get secret back-channel warnings from the DHS. You and your wife the school teacher or nurse will be unemployed. How are you going to pay your mortgage? Your kids’ tuition bill? Your car payment? Again, as a DHS-suspected “domestic terror threat” you can’t get the local news to touch the story.

Next step: your ATM card is frozen. Then your credit cards. Then your bank drops you. Still a hard case? Your electricity arrives intermittently. Then it stops altogether. Then your water is cut off. The local news will still not touch your story, since they have been warned about the dangerous domestic terror threat from people like you.

Team Tyranny won’t need to conduct many door-to-door gun raids. They’ll just lock you inside a digital gulag in your own house.

— Matt Bracken in The Digital Gulag: Why Team Tyranny Won’t Need Door-Kickers to Enforce the Coming Gun Bans

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