Heckler & Koch HK417P

Heckler & Koch HK417P

The Firearm Blog was the first ever to report about the Heckler & Koch 417P, as the first pictures appeared together with Concamo almost two years ago. Since then, it has been rather quiet – until now. To the best of our knowledge, the HK417P has now been adopted by the Jagdkommando of the Austrian Bundesheer as their Designated Marksman Rifle. Quite a subject for our Photo Of The Day.

You may note that the HK417P has the Ase Utra Borelock Hiper Flash Hider from Finland, which is interesting as H&K normally works with B&T Switzerland. You can read more about the Ase Utra fast-attach system here.

The riflescope looks like it’s from Steiner, with an Aimpoint Micro on the side as a secondary backup. The bipod seems to be the B&T Industries Atlas Bipod which TFB recently reviewed.

Heckler & Koch HK417P

Machine translated from German:

Sniping from helicopters is a procedure used by the Jagdkommando to support the implementation of special operations on the one hand, and to help protect the helicopter and the crew on the other.
The procedure is mainly used in the context of commando companies (e.g. hostage rescue) or for escort protection for vehicles, for example.

A Bell OH-58B Kiowa.

Note the Steyr AUG A3 SF, the Sturmgewehr StG-77 A2 Kommando, shooting from a S-70A42 Black Hawk helicopter.

Agusta Bell AB-212.

Below: Note the targets on the ground and the shadow from the helicopter.

Working at night as well – quite a challenge. This is the Sturmgewehr StG-77 A2 Kommando (AUG A3 SF), and by the looks, it is suppressed as well.

All photos taken by Horst Gorup, Vzlt.

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