“The total economic impact of the firearm and ammunition industry in the United States increased from $19.1 billion in 2008 to $63.5 billion in 2019, a 232 percent increase, while the total number of full-time equivalent jobs rose from approximately 166,000 to over 342,330, a 106 percent increase in that period.”

That’s a heck of a quote right there from the NSSF. Amazing to think that the firearm industry has more than tripled its positive effect on the U.S. economy over the last twelve years. Whether viewed in terms of gross domestic product, taxes paid, or people employed, the economic impact of the firearm industry is vast.

Black Collar Arms (which I co-own) is proudly located in Texas. We manufacture in Texas, anodize or nitride our parts in Texas, Cerakote in Texas, buy shipping boxes made in Texas, etc. Keeping that stuff inside Texas isn’t a rule of ours or anything, but it’s a good example of how even just one small firearm company can positively affect many other industries and businesses.

In TTAG’s home state of Texas alone, the firearm industry is responsible for over $4.61 billion in total economic activity. That’s 26,600 full time jobs and over $525 million paid in taxes.

Find stats on your state on NSSF’s site HERE and the full Economic Impact Report HERE.


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