Yet another prominent national politician — this time Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer — has displayed once again, for all to see, just how little the people who make the laws in this country know about the aspects of daily life they want to regulate.

In this case, Schumer’s is pretending to be deeply concerned about about home-built firearms. Sorry…the now widely used political term of art that’s caught on for these perfectly legal firearms is, of course, ghost guns.

Worse than the obvious stupidity at work here, however, is the fact that Schumer is thrilled that the “ghost gun loophole” can be closed, he believes, with the stroke of the executive pen.

Schumer could barely contain himself when he told reporters this . . .

This can be done without legislation. That’s the beauty of it. So we don’t need Republican support. We don’t need anybody’s support except the administration. 

It would appear that one of the executive orders that the BidenHarris administration is promising to issue would be a reclassification by the ATF of 80% frames and lowers in an effort to outlaw home built firearms. Few things make a certain breed of politician more nervous that the idea that the average citizen can construct his or her own firearm(s) without a government permission slip or record of any kind.

The Second Amendment Organization’s Rob Pincus is someone who builds guns himself and he isn’t happy about Senator Schumer’s obvious authoritarian tendencies or his conspicuous ignorance.


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