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The Supreme Court has denied the cert petition of the New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal in Grewal v. Defense Distributed. In that case, Defense Distributed had sued Grewal for his efforts to restrain (and threats to prosecute) Defense Distributed’s distribution of various 3d print files for firearms and accessories.

The district court granted Grewal’s motion to dismiss, finding that his sending a threatening letter to Defense Distributed in Texas was insufficient to justify jurisdiction over him in a Texas federal court. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, however, disagreed.

As a result, AG Grewal will now have to justify his posturing, threats, and interference with Defense Distributed’s business in a Texas federal court…a circuit that has already made it clear that it believes that governmental efforts to restrict Defense Distributed’s distribution of 3D files have very serious if not fatal First Amendment implications.

In other 2A SCOTUS news, the Court took action on the cert petition in NYSR&PA v. Corlett, which challenges New York’s restrictions on carrying firearms outside the home. As a result, the case has likely been re-listed to the next conference. This is not uncommon. Most cases that are ultimately accepted are re-listed several times.

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