NeoMag spare magazine pocket clip

I’m a SnagMag salesman. No, I don’t work for them and I don’t get freebies either. I buy their products just like everyone else. But I’ve bought a lot of them, I tell everyone about them and I often don’t have one on me because I’ve given it away to someone I meet that isn’t carrying spare ammunition.

Please note I said “spare.” There is no such thing as “extra” ammunition. Extra is what you don’t need. Spare is what you will need sooner or later. Anyway, I have found something I like even more…the NeoMag.

NeoMag spare magazine pocket clip
Courtesy Neomag

The NeoMag is a small rectangular steel “tray” with guide lips, a magnet and a titanium pocket clip. The NeoMag uses an N35-N52 grade neodymium magnet producing eight pounds of pull at operating temperatures up to 100 degree Celsius.

As far as durability is concerned, the NeoMag’s magnet could lose 1/100th of its strength in 50 years, so no worries there. Although it never sleeps, rust isn’t an issue either.

The NeoMag’s clip goes on the outside of your pocket, just like a knife’s, and the tray stays on the inside. It holds your magazine in your pocket using the magnet in the tray. It’s just that simple. And it works great.

NeoMag spare magazine pocket clip

I used the medium size on an FN double stack magazine and the large version for my Wilson Combat .45 ACP magazines. Because the guide lips don’t wrap all the way around the magazine, the NeoMag can accept either single stack or double stack magazines with the same holder. It can also mount the magazine on either side and up or down inside your pocket.

I tried them in my pocket for a bit, then pulled them out and shook them. With a .45ACP magazine fully loaded, I turned the magazine holder flat towards to floor and shook it vigorously. I could get the magazine to fall out but that’s what it took to do it.

Walking, jumping, skipping like an idiot…none of those things got the magazine to detach from the NeoMag inside my shorts pocket.

NeoMag spare magazine pocket clip

The fresh mag comes out of the pocket quickly, even more easily than it does with my SnagMags. This is no small point.

The less expensive SnagMag relies on a small hook catching on the side of your pocket as you withdraw your magazine (very much like an Emerson Wave on a pocket knife). If it doesn’t catch on the hook…say, if the SnagMag is in the middle of your pocket, you’re depending on the clip being strong enough to stop you from pulling both the magazine and the carrier out during an extraction. That can be a problem.

NeoMag spare magazine pocket clip
Courtesy NeoMag

In contrast . . .

The NeoMag is has a rubber pad underneath the clip. This keeps the clip in place no matter where you place the NeoMag in your pocket. If you need a reason to swap from Neo to Snag, there it is. That said, there are a few more considerations.

NeoMag spare magazine pocket clip

Some ammunition magazines have a base plate that juts out an an odd angle. Depending on the magazine’s design a NeoMag-held ammo mag may not sit perfectly flush in your pocket.

Also, some magazine are made of stainless steel. The NeoMag’s magnet is not attracted to stainless. (To be completely sure of compatibility, check your magazine with a common refrigerator magnet before ordering.) NeoMag also makes a version specifically designed for GLOCK magazines.

And the NeoMag will eventually wear the edge of your pocket, but no more or less than a pocket knife.

I have only one problem with the NeoMag. The clip looks like a clip for a pocket knife or multi tool. I conceal carry. I don’t like to announce that I’m armed in any way. I don’t want to look like I’m carrying a magazine, a knife or a tool. I’d much rather the NeoMag clip look like a [fat] clip for maybe a nice pen…an option that neither SnagMag nor NeoMag offers.

NeoMag does offer your choice of clip color (raw titanium or black Cerakote) and clip size (standard or extended).

The NeoMag removes any reason not to carry a fresh magazine…besides the cost. Not to sound like a NeoMag salesman, but how much is your life worth?

NeoMag Magazine Pocket Clip 

Price: About $44 retail

Ratings (out of five stars):

Ergonomics: * * * * *
Put it in your pocket and forget it. Until you need it.

Performance: * * * * *
The NeoMag stays in place both before and during ammunition magazine extraction.

Rating * * * * *
The NeoMag works exactly as advertised. It isn’t cheap, but it might just save your life.


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