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Last week, we ran a story reporting on NRA Board member Anthony Colandro posing with some “gun safety literature” that’s produced by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety. Since that story ran, we’ve received a lot of communications of high praise for Mr. Colandro’s 2A bonafides. The consensus is that the brochures were just an honest mistake.

Mr. Colandro, working from deep behind enemy lines in New Jersey, has his hands more than full. Between the rabidly anti-gun and borderline incompetent tyrant Governor Phil Murphy and the state’s equally hoplophobic Attorney General, New Jersey is a cesspool when it comes to civil rights. Specifically the right to keep and bear arms.

The story about an NRA board member featured in a local publication promoting an Everytown-produced “gun safety” brochure caught our eye. I called and wrote asking for a comment and to his credit, Mr. Colandro replied promptly.

We included excerpts of his reply in our post. To be fair, the brochures didn’t exactly scream “Everytown.” Nor does the “Be Smart” website Everytown created, until you scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page.

It’s worth noting that Mr. Colandro has a very successful gun rights-focused podcast which has a wide reach. It’s just one of a myriad of ways that he’s been fighting the good fight on the front lines in the not-so-gun-friendly Garden State.

And he’s done it without without working with the other side to further limit or curtail our freedoms. That’s in stark contrast to another 2A personality/instructor/influencer of who has come out in support of expanding the requirement for background checks on private gun transfers. Someone who is partnered with the former head of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Handgun Ownership —  or whatever their organization’s name is this week — to promote more freedom control.

Between the many character references and respectable people singing Mr. Colandro’s praises, and his acknowledgement that he failed to vet the materials, it seems as though the BeSmart brochures were nothing more than a simple mistake.

So maybe we were a little hasty pushing the ‘publish’ button on that post. Word has it that the Everytown materials are no longer featured in Mr. Colandro’s shop, nor are they provided to every gun permit applicant any longer. That’s a win for safety and for gun rights.

Thank you, Mr. Colandro for the work you do. None of us walks on water and this speaks volumes for your character and your dedication to gun rights. And if you’re ever in Central Illinois, look me up and we’ll share a cigar or better yet, two. And maybe an adult beverage.


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