Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Merrick Garland
President Joe Biden, accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris, and Attorney General Merrick Garland, speaks about gun control in the Rose Garden at the White House, Thursday, April 8, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

By Chris Arnet, 80 Percent Arms

For the past eight years, 80 Percent Arms has been the leading manufacturer of AR-15 80% lowers nationwide. As a California-based company, we’re no stranger when it comes to political attacks, and we’ve dealt with more legislation, lawsuits, and Second Amendment infringement than we care to remember.

It likely won’t come as a surprise, but manufacturing so-called “ghost guns” has put us at the top of the anti-gun hit list. We’ve been expecting (and preparing) for legislation and regulation to come to the national stage for a while now, and today’s press conference from the White House confirms it: 80% lowers are the main target of an aggressive executive push to undermine the community of home builders.

We believe the best way to ensure Second Amendment rights is to provide a method that allows citizens to manufacture their own firearms at home. Firearms they can trust, train with, and defend their lives with. A citizen’s ability to self-manufacture is the fulcrum point that balances governmental overreach with the power of the citizens. The removal of that right leaves a government no more significant barriers to taking further control of whatever rights they so choose.

80% lower receiver ar-15
This is not a firearm. (JWT for TTAG)

Remember, the Second Amendment wasn’t written about hunting rifles as some would prefer you to think. It was written by a group of men who had just won their freedom from a tyrannical government, a battle fought with personally-owned firearms by private citizens. The Second Amendment exists to keep the balance of power in the hands of the people, and having every firearm regulated by the government destroys that balance.

We have been involved in a lawsuit in conjunction with the Firearms Policy Coalition that intervenes between the state of California and the ATF that sought to reverse the 2006 ATF ruling on 80% lowers. Such a ruling would ban 80% lowers nationwide.

80% 9mm pistol build frame
This is not a firearm. (JWT for TTAG)

We believe it’s important to intervene in every battle for 80% rights, no matter how hard the fight. We have also made sure a portion of our proceeds go to supporting the FPC in other fights as well, not just for 80% lowers, for protecting the Second Amendment as a whole nationwide.

Whether big battles or small, you just don’t exist in the ghost gun industry without being somewhat hellbent on helping win every Second Amendment battle you can. And to help our customers do the same, we’ve also implemented the opportunity for every shopper to round-up their change at checkout and donate to the FPC, which we’ve matched up to 500%.

We all have a big fight in front of us, and we’re asking that you join us in it. This isn’t just about 80% lowers, this is about turning a corner that our rights as gun owners and Americans may never recover from.

So, what can you do to help? Several things. First, contact your Congressman, your Senators, and let them know exactly why 80% lowers matter to you. Second, support gun-rights organizations like Firearms Policy Coalition, NRA, and Gun Owners of America. Third, and finally, it might be wise to pick up some 80 percent lowers, because who knows what the future holds?


Chris Arnet is the Marketing Manager of 80 Percent Arms.


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