We have all had days where we either were working for hours or grabbed the wrong gun for that given day. Sometimes whether you’re tired or just having a tough day, the wrong carry gun can dig into you and start to fatigue your body for a number of reasons. After a long day of carrying your firearm, if you don’t have the right gear it can become painful and just downright uncomfortable. With a few tricks and the right choice of gear, you can avoid constant fatigue and being uncomfortable with a firearm. Let’s take a look at helpful hints to carry concealed all day.

Handgun Selection Is Key

The biggest deciding factor to being comfortable every single day is the type of handgun you are deciding to carry. When people ask what the biggest factor is when looking at new handguns, every time I always reply with weight. Weight can make or break your comfort level real fast depending on how heavy the handgun is loaded up. There are small tricks to help distribute the weight but usually the lighter the handgun the longer you can go without feeling fatigued or worn out during the day. Ounces really do equal pounds when you’re trying to carry over an 8-10 hour period.

Oftentimes, people will argue they shoot heavier framed handguns better, so the weight is worth it. That’s completely understandable but if you decide to go down that path, you have to understand there are consequences to that choice. Fighting weight after carrying a full-size handgun all day can be exhausting where carrying something lighter is the easiest fix. Summer time is hands down the hardest to conceal larger handguns just based on the fact you have less clothing for concealment as well as your skin becoming irritated or inflamed at a quicker rate from the hotter temps outside. It’s not rocket science, but oftentimes guys will be unwilling to take a look at their handgun selection for carrying concealed rather than other items.


Other than handgun selection, another huge factor of your daily comfort is a good carry belt and properly sized pants for carrying. It doesn’t matter how nice your handgun and gear are if you have a cheap flimsy made belt. Certain belts will fold and buckle under stress which makes your gun shift around ultimately digging into your side. Having a thick belt that won’t fold or bend under weight will make a significant difference in your overall comfort. Typically, most good gun belts are a thick nylon with velcro for fine adjustments or made out of thick leather hide that won’t fold under stress.

Having a solid belt will keep your carry handgun in one spot as well as give it enough rigidity to distribute the weight over your pants instead of all in one area. One caveat I always tell people is to combine a good belt with properly sized pants. Most people, especially younger shooters, will wear tight form-fitting pants and then attempt to carry a handgun in them. Having a gun smashed inside you’re already tight pants is a recipe for disaster and you should usually go at least one size up to feel comfortable for a long period of time. It seems like a small detail, but having clothes specifically for carrying is extremely important. It doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy all the tactical clothing you can get your hands on, but rather have properly sized pants for your carry gun.


Typically holsters are somewhat of an afterthought for most new shooters and this can even be the case with experienced shooters as well. I’ve met a fair amount of people throughout my time who just simply go to a big box store and pick out their holster. Depending on what products the store carries, there may be some quality options but often times you will see entry-level options and that’s about it. When deciding on a holster, I always encourage people to do research online before making any decisions.

Having a high-quality holster that supports the weight of your handgun will drastically improve the overall comfort of carrying for extended periods of time. Now, we all know the classic debate about Kydex vs leather holsters, and honestly, when it comes to all-day concealed carrying, it’s really personal preference. Both styles have their pros and cons but at the end of the day, I always tell people to go with what they prefer and think is most comfortable. If you can adequately conceal your firearm and have it be comfortable, that’s all that really matters at the end of the day.

Overall Thoughts

When trying to be comfortable all day while carrying a concealed firearm, there isn’t just a single simple fix to make it more comfortable. It’s typically a combination of factors but if you look at all the various aspects whether it’s your handgun choice, belt and pants, or holster selection, there’s a good chance you will feel more comfortable for a longer period of time. Let me know what you guys do to be comfortable all day. I’ve heard everything from shoulder holsters to wearing suspenders so I’m curious what you guys do to make it comfortable. If you have any questions about carrying concealed or firearm-related questions, feel free to shoot me a message on my Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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