Kenton Industries Customizable Turrets for Trijicon Riflescopes

Kenton Industries makes custom adjustable turrets for just about any riflescope on the market today. Recently they added Trijicon riflescopes to their lineup of customizable products. Now those of you who like to sport Trijicon optics can have fully customizable windage and elevation turrets that are dialed into your exact rifle, scope, ambient conditions, and even ammunition type.

Kenton Industries Customizable Turrets for Trijicon Riflescopes

Our custom yardage marked turrets work in conjunction with 1st and 2nd focal plane scopes, standard crosshairs, BDC reticles, and moa/mil reticles. Simply range find the target, dial the turret to the corresponding yardage, and shoot!

The main benefit of a custom turret is fast and easy target engagement by not having to calculate the addition or subtraction of clicks off of a chart. This provides the hunter more time to focus on good shooting form and shot placement.

The turret can easily be adjusted for targets at different yardages or for a follow-up shot on an animal which has relocated. Use any magnification setting on your scope and shoot using the main crosshair which retains your eye alignment through the center of the optic preventing eye shadow. Field of view is only maximized when viewing through the center of the optic.

Eye shadow and a loss of field of view can be an issue when viewing through the lower quadrant of glass on BDC and moa/mil reticles. The time consuming calculation, combined with locating and maintaining the correct aiming point on a multi-crosshair reticle can be a daunting task.

A Kenton Industries turret solves these issues! Simply RANGE, DIAL, and SHOOT!

Each set of Kenton Industries customizable turrets is made to your specifications and built-to-order. With Kenton Industries’ unique ordering system there is no need to work out the details yourself, just enter in a few simple facts about your rifle or shooting setup. Simply enter things like your type of factory ammunition, knob type you’d like, yardage format, your desired zero range, and the average temperature you’re shooting in and Kenton Industries will take care of the rest. So whether you’re interested in shooting competitions, military or law enforcement applications, or even just hunting, each turret can be its own unique piece fitted to the exact situation.

Kenton Industries Customizable Turrets for Trijicon Riflescopes

Kenton Industries is also running a great deal on riflescopes which include a free custom turret with the purchase of a scope. Kenton Industries is a dealer of Bushnell, German Precision Optics, Meopta, Nikon, Vortex, and Zeiss riflescopes. So if Trijicon isn’t your thing, then you have plenty to choose from with Kenton Industries.

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