Fiocchi Announces Ammunition Price Increases for 2021

As supply continues to struggle to meet demand in the ammunition market, several manufacturers have been announcing price increases across the board for all of their rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammunition. Fiocchi just announced in late March that there would be a minimum 5% increase on their rimfire, centerfire pistol, centerfire rifle, slug, buckshot, and target loads beginning April 30th, 2021. Full details and exact price increase percentages are contained in the press release below.

Fiocchi Announces Ammunition Price Increases for 2021

Thank you for your commitment and support of Fiocchi and B&P Ammunition during these unprecedented times. 

We continue to experience materials cost increases including but not limited to copper, lead and zinc. Due to these increases we are announcing an ammunition price increase effective April 30, 2021. All open orders and backorders are subject to the increase and will be repriced accordingly unless we are notified that you would like to cancel. 

The following categories are subject to the increases shown below. 


  • Centerfire Pistol: 5%-15%
  • Centerfire Rifle: 5%
  • Rimfire: 5% 
  • Slug & Buck: 15%
  • Promotional & Target/Game Shotshells: 7% 


  • Target/Uplandloads: 5%-10%

Please expect new pricing and programs in the coming weeks.


Michael Halleron 

Vice President, Sales

Fiocchi Announces Ammunition Price Increases for 2021

While no one wants to see price increases for any of our firearms consumables, I think I understand why things are priced. The demand for ammunition has spiked so rapidly and suddenly that manufacturers have probably had to run double or triple shifts, increase staff, and increase purchasing of raw materials. Fiocchi is just like any other ammunition manufacturer and needs to keep these multi-layered considerations in mind when trying to make a profit but also provide customers with a competitively priced product appropriate for the current market environment.

In addition, I’ve also started to see gun stores have ammunition available on the shelves which is a good indication that the ammunition is priced out of the range of scalpers as well as casual resellers looking to make a quick profit off the availability. Hopefully, in time these prices will drop back down as sales slow down due to the increased prices but at this point, it is anyone’s guess as to how the market will react.

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