Introducing The Byte Discreet Rifle Case from Lynx Defense

Introducing The Byte Discreet Rifle Case from Lynx Defense

If you’ve ever had to carry an armful of guns through a crowded parking lot, apartment complex, or just past some of the folks out for their morning jogs in the neighborhood, you’ll know that you don’t always get the best reactions from everybody. Lynx Defense has just introduced their latest discreet rifle case perfect for any SBR or subgun – the Byte. The Byte is the most compact discreet rifle case Lynx has produced and is intended for some of the smaller pieces in our collection that just won’t quite fit into our pistol bags. The Byte should keep your neighborhood watch from giving you the stink eye when you take your guns out of your garage and into your vehicle.

Introducing The Byte Discreet Rifle Case from Lynx Defense

Lynx Defense Introduces The Byte Discreet Rifle Case

The Byte is a discreet carry submachine gun case that was built for weapons under 20″. This case is perfect for guns with folding and collapsing braces.

The goal of the Byte was to create a bag that had the smallest footprint possible and deliver the ability to carry a sub-gun covertly.

  • Exterior Measurements: Width: 21″ Height: 14” Depth: 4”
  • Interior Measurements: Width: 20.5″ Height: 13” Depth: 4”
  • 600D Polyester Magnatuff Fabric
  • Large Zipper Front Pocket
  • 2 x Interior weapon retention straps
  • 1 x Large Zipper pocket
  • Low Profile Exterior Design
  • Padded No-Slip Shoulder Strap
  • Full Loop Velcro Backer
  • Wide Carry Handle
  • Made in the USA

Case Interior

The Byte’s interior is built specifically for submachine guns. The Byte can also hold Pistol Braced AR-15s that feature a law tactical folding brace or similar folding style brace.

Weapon Retention

The interior features a full loop backing that allows you to place the two included weapon retention straps strategically. So you can customize the weapon retention to fit your specific needs.

Storage and Pockets

The inside flap of The Byte case features a full-width zipper pocket. The pocket spans the full 20″ width of the case, allowing you to store magazines, extra ammo, or gun cleaning kits.


The Byte’s back wall is a full panel of loop velcro. This wall allows you to attach one of our ever-growing list of attachment options to make the case work even better for your needs.

Discreet Exterior

The Byte sub-gun bag’s discreet exterior mimics its larger counterparts, The Bronx and The Bureau, in the urban legend series of bags. The clean corners and bi-color design really help the bag blend into modern society without the explicit look of a tactical gun case.

Introducing The Byte Discreet Rifle Case from Lynx Defense

The Byte discreet rifle case is available now from Lynx Defense and can also accommodate a Handgun Attachment Kit (HAK) which gives you the ability to secure a single handgun and three spare magazines within the case. The HAK is available for $19.00 as of writing and the Byte discreet rifle case is available for $169.99.

Lynx Defense Introduces the Byte Discreet Rifle Case

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