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Another problem for any gun control measure is that it is simply unclear how many guns are out there. A mandatory buy-back, such as the ones that Australia instituted, has been suggested, but it likely wouldn’t successfully disarm the nation.

Australian authorities had to deal with less than five million guns. In the first year of the program, Australia purchased about 650,000 firearms in the buy-back or about twenty percent of the county’s privately owned guns. The United States has close to 400 million guns, potentially more. Thousands of now “illegal” guns have been handed in “Down Under” in subsequent amnesty programs in the years since the initial buy-back – a fact that is rarely highlighted as it shows how far from a success the initial buy-back program actually had been.

Given these facts, it is easy to see that many Americans would likely risk breaking the law than potentially be outgunned by criminals who won’t hand in their guns. But making criminals out of otherwise law-abiding citizens could just be part of the liberal plan. Take away their guns, make them felons and take away their right to vote. It almost sounds too ominous to be true.

Fortunately, the gun owners may have numbers on their side. Not just in the number of guns in their possession but the fact that the Constitution ensures they have the senators to keep such legislation from reaching the president’s desk.

— Peter Suciu in Why Gun Control Would Fail: U.S. Gun Owners Have Nearly 400,000,000 Guns

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