Walmart Wichita Falls incident

What happens when you point a gut at a Walmart security guard? In Indiana — or lots of other gun-friendly states, for that matter — you run the risk of one of the store’s customers coming to the guard’s rescue.

That’s what happened over the weekend in a Beach Grove Walmart when the security guard tried to stop an alleged shoplifter suspected of appropriating some of the store’s inventory.

From WIBC.com . . .

That’s when [another] man pulled his gun and shot at the suspect, who was taken to the hospital.

The wounded shoplifter tried to run, but another customer kept him from escaping.

“We again thank both of the individuals who showed up when we needed them,” said [Indianapolis Metro Police Officer Samone] Burris. “Most of the time civilians and community members call us when they need us. So, it is phenomenal that when we needed the community they were right there with us.”

From the Indianapolis Star . . .

The man ran out into the parking lot, Burris said, and another person stopped him from getting away.

Burris said the man has unrelated warrants, but charges in the incident will be up to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

Move along. Nothing to see here. Just another successful defensive gun use by an armed good Samaritan courtesy of the constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. The very right that Congressional Democrats and the President are working hard to further limit, through increased fees, taxes, waiting periods, insurance mandates and training requirements.

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