A new, family-owned company out of Utah, Spüt Targets is making some simple and fun, reactive targets to enjoy on the shooting range. Easy to set up and filled with brightly colored powder, Spüt Targets give you instant feedback on your hits (or misses).

To see these new targets in action, give a watch to the video embedded above (or click HERE to view directly on Rumble).

Spüt Targets come in a four-pack, with one target each of red, orange, blue, and green.

Also included is a metal, H-shaped target stand.

Setting up is as simple as pushing the H-frame stand into the ground and sliding the target on top.

Each Spüt Target has a tube integrated into its sides, and the rods of the target stand slide up into them until the target bottoms out on a cross beam.

It doesn’t get easier than that, eh?

Inside of each Spüt Target is 121 chambers full of biodegradable (corn starch-based), brightly colored powder. As you might expect, the internal powder colors match the exterior target colors, with a different color for the bullseye and the surrounding area, and no powder in the white zone.

Miss the target entirely or hit the white surround? No poof. Hit the target in or around the bullseye? An easily visible poof of colored powder jets out the back and lingers in the air.

It’s an instant, gratifying, and clear indication of a hit in or around the bullseye.

In the photo above, I missed the blue target’s bullseye with a .22 LR, which generated that blue poof.

Striking the bullseye nets a red poof. Nice.

Depending on the range at which you’re shooting and what caliber and optics situation you’re running, seeing holes in targets can be difficult or impossible. Spüt Targets makes it clear when you’re on target.

Shooting .44 Magnum hollow points certainly does more damage, but the many-little-chambers design of the targets ensures plenty of poofing feedback. As long as you aren’t too terribly accurate — bullets through the same chambers obviously won’t produce a poof of powder or much of one.

With the stiff internal structure and snugly wrapped exterior, bullet holes in the Spüt Targets are crisp and clear. For measuring group size or receiving solid feedback on accuracy and precision, this is a big advantage over paper targets not held flat against a good backing, or any other type of target that tears or “self-heals.”

My range is now much prettier.

I enjoyed shooting the Spüt Targets and appreciate the clear and immediate hit feedback when shooting at distances too far to see the bullet holes. In the future I’ll definitely be using these when taking my kids to the range. Punching paper isn’t engaging, so I like to use reactive targets of some sort for the kiddos, whether that’s eggs or shooting gallery-style knockdown targets.

Spüt Targets will be a great addition to that mix, bridging the gap between teaching my daughters how to aim precisely and attempt to make tight groups on a target with a clear bullseye and providing the fun, instant feedback that keeps them entertained and interested. They’re great for recreational use.

The only product on the Spüt Targets website right now is the target 4-pack with one H-frame, but it’s expected that H-frames and targets will be available a la carte soon. At the time of this writing there’s also a buy 3 get 1 free promo with coupon code “ShootToThrill.”

$29.99 is not what I’d call cheap for four targets, but with free shipping and the buy-3-get-1-free deal it’s something I’ll do for family fun and practice on the range. Each target does last a long time, and in particular with .22 LR I think it’ll be fun to challenge the kids to place their shots precisely next to each other in an attempt to shoot out each powder chamber one after the other.

Overall, Spüt Targets is a really great, high-quality product that performs exactly as it should, and my only gripe is that I wish they were less expensive. As a small, new company I’m sure there’s a lot of manual labor in creating these targets, so perhaps as they scale we’ll see a drop in MSRP.


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