We’ve featured stories of gender reveal parties gone horribly wrong in the past. In one of the most memorable incidents, the parents-to-be touched off a wildfire that cost $8 million to put out and resulted in a $100,000 fine for the father.

Now comes word from a New Hampshire quarry where the proud parents figured stacking up 80 pounds of Tannerite would be the perfect way to announce the sex of their gestating offspring to the world.

From the Associated Press . . .

One New Hampshire family’s gender reveal party was definitely a blast.

Kingston police said they received reports of a loud explosion Tuesday that could be heard in several towns and as far away as Massachusetts. They responded to Torromeo quarry where they found people who acknowledged holding a gender reveal party involving explosives and thought this would be the safest spot to hold it.

NBC 10 Boston reports that residents in several neighboring towns could hear the explosion and some though it was an earthquake. Many called 911. Others said the explosion was so strong it rocked their homes.

“We heard this god-awful blast,” Sara Taglieri, who lives in a home that abuts the quarry, told the television station. “It knocked pictures off our walls … I’m all up for silliness and what not, but that was extreme.

Taglieri’s husband, Matt, told the TV station the blast cracked the foundation of neighbors’ homes.

No injuries were reported from the explosion, police said.

The source was 80 pounds of Tannerite, an over-the-counter, explosive target used for firearms practice sold in kit form, police said. The person who purchased and detonated the explosives has turned himself into police. He was not identified.

Police said an investigation is ongoing and they will make a determination on what charges will be forthcoming.

Don’t try that at home, kids. If you have a bun in the oven, maybe send out an email or a group text. No one really cares that much whether you’re having a boy or a girl anyway.


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