The Guns of Battlefield 2042: New and Old Friends on the Battlefield

Battlefield 2042 has just been announced as the sixth instalment of the extremely popular Battlefield multiplayer first-person shooter video game. Each instalment of the game has featured a slightly different theme from the last with the previous instalment, Battlefield V, set during WW2, which featured a smorgasbord of WW2 era weapons and attachments. This time around, players will be treated to an extensive list of rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, DMRs, and rocket launchers that will draw heavily from both currently available modern weapons as well as some cool new futuristic weapons to spice things up. So what firearms from today’s arsenal are in the game? We’ll see what I’ve spotted so far in the trailer below and you can let me know if you’ve seen anything that stands out to you.

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Let us know if you find any guns inside the trailer that are recognizable.

The Guns of Battlefield 2042: New and Old Friends on the Battlefield

Ma Deuce M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun

The Guns of Battlefield 2042: New and Old Friends on the Battlefield

This one is back once again in Battlefield 2042 and that should honestly come as no surprise. The M2HB has been featured in almost every single Battlefield game that has been produced thus far with the rare exception of the much more futuristic themed Battlefield 2142.  It seems the developers at DICE think that the tried and true Ma Deuce will still be with us 22 years from now.

In the game, the M2 machine guns are usually featured as auxiliary weapons mounted on tanks and vehicles and can also be found as a static emplacement near points on the map that players can capture. Due to the limited amount of information that is available at this time, it is unknown exactly what role the M2 machine gun will take in the new game but I think it’s safe to say that it will show up in one form or another as it usually does.


The Guns of Battlefield 2042: New and Old Friends on the Battlefield

As best I can tell, this is a near-exact video game replica of the SIG MCX Spear NGSW rifle that SIG Sauer revealed in 2020 as their offering to the Next Generation Squad Weapon’s rifle category. The game cutscene shows the rifle is equipped with both a suppressor and some sort of holographic sight which are both common options for most weapons in past iterations in the Battlefield series.


The Guns of Battlefield 2042: New and Old Friends on the Battlefield

The LAMG features a recoil mitigation system which makes it very controllable in full-auto, Light machine guns are a staple of the Battlefield franchise and I think a lot of players who are familiar with guns will be happy to have the LAMG as part of their in-game arsenal.

Lightning Round:

Here’s a rundown of a few of the other things we spotted:

The LWRC SMG-45 appears in several scenes!

Boston Dynamics robodog on speed with some sort of machine gun

A pair of ‘operators’, one with what appears to be a Benelli M3-type shotgun

A seemingly Russian ‘operator’ emerges from a shipping container with an AK-12, recently adopted by the Russian Army

It’s good to know that in the 2042s the M134 Minigun is still around

It’s a well known fact all F-35s are outfitted with Carl Gustaf M4 recoilless anti-tank weapons

Blink and you’ll miss it, what appears to be a Desert Tech MDRX

More Details to Come

As someone who had easier access to video games than guns growing up, I think a large driver for me getting more into guns as I got older was being able to vicariously shoot them inside the gaming world. While games don’t always represent firearms in the most accurate of ways (I mean really? A guy jumping out of an F-35 with an anti-tank weapon and then hopping back in?), I think that the soft introduction of guns by games into people’s lives is a great way to get them interested in guns. Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22nd and I’m sure by then we’ll have a full list of weapons, vehicles, and equipment that will be available in the game.

The Guns of Battlefield 2042: New and Old Friends on the Battlefield

Some sort of short-barreled AK variant

Additional reporting by Matt M.

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