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The culture war on firearm ownership has continued in a way that I don’t think anybody anticipated. The Supreme Court has just ruled that NCAA student athletes have a right to be compensated and take endorsement deals in connection with their name, image, and likeness. We all know the Supreme Court has also ruled that firearm ownership is a protected civil right. 

Well, states are stepping in and passing laws purported to protect both the athletes and the universities that list some prohibited categories of products and services that students can associate with. One of them — you guessed it — despite the fact that it is an NCAA sanctioned sport, and that an NCAA student just won an Olympic gold medial in the shooting sports, some of the states are identifying firearms and ammunition or anything in any way related to the two as a prohibited category that these students can take endorsement deals on.

So the Supreme Court has said, firearm ownership…absolute civil right. Students have a right to take sponsorship deals on their name, image, and likeness. I’m a little confused and perplexed on why states think they can list firearms as a prohibited category. 

Keep in mind this is part of the larger culture war. Everybody needs to be involved and proactive on this. I’m asking everybody to share this with any national or state organization that’s involved in the protection of Second Amendment rights. Because as I just mentioned, the NCAA and the federal government are now consulting with one another in drafting federal-level rules that in some cases will preempt the state rules. 

— Average Gun Owner

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