Do you have a Steiner CQBL? It is a small aiming laser with a slaved VIS and Infrared aiming laser. What it lacks is a good illuminator. Well, Echo Arms is collaborating with TNVC to bring the CQBL back to its fullest potential. Echo Arms is making the CQBL Mount for TNVC. It is a SureFire Scout Light compatible body that bolts directly to the CQBL.

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Several years ago, TNVC collaborated with Unity Tactical to make the CQBL Fusion rail.

It is a small rail segment that uses Unity Tactical’s patented Fusion system they used in their Micro Hub.

The CQBL Fusion rail replaces the clamp on the CQBL so you can mount any Fusion compatible accessory or direct mount a SureFire Scout Light.

Unfortunately, the CQBL Fusion rail has long since been discontinued. For the past couple of years, TNVC held a candle lit for the CQBL Fusion and had a waitlist for when they eventually get around to making it again. They have since closed down that page on the TNVC website. But fret not for there is a solution on the horizon.

Echo Arms CQBL Mount is a new take on his low-profile M-LOK mini Scout Light compatible body.

CQBL mount body

From the photos Echo Arms has posted on Instagram, it looks to be a one-piece body. This is a bit different from what Echo Arms originally came up with. He originally made a replacement clamp that allows you to attach his low-profile M-LOK body.

The TNVC CQBL mount will be different. As I said, it appears to be one solid body and from what Echo Arms has told me, it is mini Scout Light compatible only. So CR123 and you can only use M300 style heads. It will not work with MODLITE heads. The pre-production sample seen above is just an M-LOK compatible clamp so you can attach any M-LOK style attachment but the screws go from behind the mount. Here is the mount with a Valhalla Tactical light body.,

Not sure how much TNVC will charge. The only CQBL Fusion rail retailed for around $50. Considering this is an entire mini Scout Light body, I suspect it will be over $100. Possibly $200 since Echo Arms used to charge $195 for his low profile M-LOK body.

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