heckler koch g95k

heckler koch g95k

Photo Of The Day, or the Heckler & Koch of the day, is the G95K. Here seen with German Special Forces KSK and a quick burst of 5.56mm NATO in the air. The Heckler & Koch G95K (HK416) has a barrel length of 14.5″.

heckler koch g95k

Optics are provided by EOTech.

Watching the door from a helicopter.

The G36K is actually shorter than the G95K, but the G95K is considered to have other advantages. G36K below.

g36k versur g95k

Here are a few more hot pictures on the subject: German Special Forces with the Heckler & Koch G95, Heckler & Koch G95K with HK269 Grenade Launcher and German Special Forces – EOTech gets G95K order. The Heckler & Koch G36C In The Hands Of GSG9 is pretty cool as well.

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Picture source: German Bundeswehr 2021 / Bundeswehr/KSK.

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