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A burglar attempted to enter a suburban St. Louis home through the back door on Friday. The homeowner, who hears the intruder, met him while holding a shotgun to defend himself. He ordered the burglar to leave, but scattergun apparently didn’t make much of an impression on him. Well, it didn’t at that point.

According to stltoday.com . . .

“When the suspect refused to comply with verbal commands to exit the residence, the suspect was shot by the homeowner,” [Webster Groves Police Lt. Andrew] Miller said.

The home invader later died at a local hospital. As for the defender . . .

Police did not arrest the homeowner. Detectives remained at the home hours later and Miller said the case was still being investigated. The home is owned by a couple in their late 40s.

The question of the best gun for home defense is argued almost as often as what caliber is best. While each option has its pluses and minuses, the best gun is the one you have with you, ready to use if the situation leaves you no other option.

As for the shotgun, as the homeowner in this incident demonstrated, it can be a devastating home defense weapon that can frequently — if not in this case — dissuade uninvited guests from staying for long.

Here’s our most recent look at good home defense shotgun options, if you’re considering one. Whatever your rely on to defend yourself and your family, though, keep it handy and know how to use it quickly and effectively.

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