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The public comment period on the ATF’s proposed rule that would redefine what a firearm is expires at midnight tonight. If adopted, the rule would define an upper receiver, slide, or barrel as a firearm at the ATF’s discretion. Other parts may fall under the new regulation, too.

That means these parts would have to be serialized and regulated — with background checks — just as lowers are now. There’s much more to the proposed rule so click here for a more complete rundown of what it would do.

The real purpose of what the ATF has proposed is to regulate the sale of more firearm parts and limit what gun owners can do to their own guns in their own homes. The comment period for the public to weigh in on the new rule ends at midnight eastern tonight.

If you think commenting doesn’t matter or is a waste of time, think again and read this.

The ATF is required by law to respond to each and every comment as long as it doesn’t use profanity or abusive language and isn’t copied and pasted. That means the more comments are registered, the longer it will take before the ATF can think about moving forward. That process will take months, possibly years.

Here are some helpful guidelines:

atf comment guidelines
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As of this morning, more than 240,000 comments had been entered, both pro and con. Make sure to enter yours before midnight. You can do that here. Gun Owners of America also has this helpful portal you might want to use.

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